Our wrong-fuel fixing services are provided in Bedfordshire. We are available 24/7 to support you. The Wrong Fuel Fixer has a team of fully equipped and trained technicians. If you are facing any misfueling issues, just give us a call, and our expert team will arrive in 45 minutes to help you. We are providing effective services in Bedfordshire. Just follow some precautionary measures before we arrive to help you.

We are here to help you misfuel AdBlue into diesel if you have done it by mistake. The wrong fuel fixer has experts who drain out AdBlue into diesel from your car engine.

Petrol in Diesel Car services in London and vice versa

Have you put gasoline in your diesel car? If yes, then you are not alone. There are many people facing this issue. If you have made this mistake, don’t hesitate and relax. Immediately call Wrong Fuel Fixer Bedfordshire fuel drain service to help you instantly drain the fuel out of your vehicle.

If you have put diesel in your gasoline car, this may be a dangerous thing that can cause damage to your vehicle. It can damage your gasoline engine, so stop your engine immediately as soon as you diagnose this issue. Contact us! Our local Bedfordshire experienced team will come to you on time for help to prevent any serious damage.


Q1: How do I fix the contaminated fuel in my car engine?

We understand how simple it is to put the wrong fuel in a car because we help thousands of drivers every year. Whether it’s diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel car, our wrong fuel doctor experts have seen it all. Given this, it should come as no surprise that, among the numerous diesel vehicles we service, AdBlue is occasionally accidentally added to the fuel tank.

AdBlue was created as an additive for diesel automobiles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to treat harmful exhaust gas emissions. It is not engine-compatible. AdBlue, which is comprised of deionized water and automotive-grade urea, cannot be used with any fuel system. NOT A FUEL ADDITIVE AT ALL.

The fuel tank will need to be drained and the fuel system flushed and cleaned if your fuel system has AdBlue diesel contamination. If driven, it frequently necessitates high repair expenses and the replacement of several parts and components.

Our specialist vehicles are equipped to drain all makes and models to help customers who have mistakenly put AdBlue into a diesel tank. For your convenience, we provide a roadside mobile fuel draining service that enables us to quickly and efficiently drain your tank, allowing you to be back on the road with minimal delay and expense

Fuel Removal and Re-Fuelling

The wrong Fuel Fixer team is available 24/7 for your support. You don’t need to worry in case you are facing any misfuelling problem. We have a fully experienced and trained team of experts with complete knowledge of fuel removal from your vehicle. Our services are the best in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. But make sure to follow precautionary measures before we arrive to help you.

We are providing our services in all areas to avoid any delay in the fuel removal and re-fueling process. So, the mishap can be avoided. We are specialized in all sorts of fuel draining services either petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car in Bedfordshire. It does not matter whether it is day or night, we are available anytime. We are providing a timely response to you for any fuel removal and re-fueling service.

Adblue into diesel.

AdBlue is frequently misunderstood as an additive for fuel when, in fact, it is an exhaust fluid that shouldn’t be combined with diesel. AdBlue is kept entirely apart from the fuel in your vehicle and has its own tank. Adding AdBlue into diesel cars can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. To avoid confusion, and help prevent this, AdBlue is easily identified by a blue filler and a blue nozzle cap. 

However, mistakes can be made by humans, and in the unfortunate event that a driver accidentally adds AdBlue to the fuel tank, it is important to take swift action.

Step 1: Avoid starting your car.

The fluid will start to circulate throughout the entire fuel system once the engine is started. AdBlue can very quickly corrode all engine parts and pipework because it is incompatible with all engine materials. The entire fuel system will need to be replaced if this occurs.

Step 2: Clean the fuel tank.

You need to get in touch with a pro right away to drain the tank and get rid of all the tainted liquid. To remove all of the fuel from the tank, they will syphon it out using a syphon system. Before fuelling with diesel, the tank needs to be cleaned with warm water after being emptied.


Step 3 –Verify for damage.

Even after you are sure that there is no longer any AdBlue in the fuel tank, it is important to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle for any damage. Additionally, they can swap out the filters that have absorbed AdBlue.

Further prevention:

You have two choices when buying an AdBlue fuel pump to aid in preventing misfueling.

First off, the bright blue color of all kits makes them simple to recognize. Everyone is clearly reminded to put the AdBlue into the blue fill cap by the blue nozzle. The second option, which is more typical in newer fleets, is to revamp the AdBlue pump with a magnetostrictive nozzle.

AdBlue into Diesel Car

If your fuel tank is contaminated with AdBlue into Diesel in Bedfordshire, it must be removed perfectly. To remove AdBlue into Diesel cars, experienced experts are required. It is a tough job and many companies do not offer this service because it requires an experienced team. If you have filled up AdBlue into Diesel engine, it can cause serious damage to the SCR system of your vehicle.

The Wrong Fuel Fixer has a team of experienced people and that is why providing the service to the people to drain out AdBlue into Diesel cars. If you are facing this issue, contact us, and we will be there in no time.

How can I fix it if I accidentally put AdBlue into diesel?

AdBlue into diesel is injected into the exhaust gas of an engine. The AdBlue in the SCR system decomposes into pure nitrogen and pure water vapor in contact with hot exhaust gases. Exhaust pipes are used to emit them. AdBlue, a diesel exhaust fluid, is used in vehicles with SCR. It meets ISO standards and is composed of 67.5% deionized water and 32.5% ultrapure urea. AdBlue is stored in a tank separate from the diesel fuel tank. Do not start the car or insert the key in the ignition after adding AdBlue into diesel tank as the substance can penetrate the system. Drain the diesel fuel in the tank immediately. A wrong fuel fixer will solve your problem. Contact us now.




How does AdBlue into Diesel reduce emissions?

When AdBlue into diesel is added to the tailpipes and mixed with the exhaust produced by the car. It reacts with Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) gases produced by the engine and breaking them down into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. NOx gases causes respiratory problems and contribute to the formation of particulate matter, smog, and acid rain and ground-level ozone. Vehicles must meet stringent emission limits and the latest standards. The technology uses AdBlue into diesel to break down and reduce harmful emissions.


What are the symptoms of misfuelling adblue into diesel contamination?

  • Lack of power
  • Smoke
  • Fault codes
  • Engine management light coming on
  • It can cause crystallization in your fuel tank
  • Due to crystallization it can cause blockage in the engine.

How to handle if misfuelling adblue into diesel occurred?

One should call our wrong fuel doctor expert for professional assistance immediately to dispose of all the damage. Our team of experts will use a siphon system to suck all of the fuel out of the tank. Once the tank is empty it must be cleaned with warm water before you refuel with diesel.

What are the do and don’ts of using adblue into diesel?

AdBlue is actually a designed urea which works by changing nitrogen oxide into harmless steam and nitrogen. It is taken care of in a tank, like fuel, and a rising number of diesel vehicles, but commonly those with greater engines, are being fitted with AdBlue tanks. In any case, certain makers could suggest it similarly as ‘Radiations Added substance’. AdBlue into diesel is mixed into the engine as a fuel added substance. It is added to the force system in the vehicle’s exhaust structure.

Do’s and Don’ts of using Adblue into diesel:

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of using Adblue into diesel listed below:


  • Just use AdBlue from AdBlue licensees, enlisted by VDA.
  • Search for the brand name AdBlue in plain view at filling stations and on fixed AdBlue® compartments.
  • Safeguard AdBlue against any tainting of fuel, oil, water, dust, soil, metals, cleanser by utilizing just fixed gear.
  • Just utilize devoted AdBlue gear for capacity and administering.
  • Store the AdBlue underneath 30ºC to keep up with the timeframe of realistic usability of a year.
  • Store the AdBlue above – 11ºC to keep the item in fluid structure.


  • Try not to utilize AdBlue from non-VDA enrolled providers.
  • Try not to utilize an item professing to be AdBlue, however referring to itself as “Urea arrangement” or comparative.
  • On the off chance that it doesn’t express AdBlue on the bundling, it’s not AdBlue, it’s a sub-par item.
  • Try not to involve AdBlue as a diesel added substance.
  • Try not to add AdBlue into diesel in any gas tank.
  • Try not to work your vehicle without AdBlue.
  • Try not to utilize fuel or ointment gear, or some other containers, cans, channels or non-devoted hardware to apportion your AdBlue.
  • Try not to top off utilized AdBlue holders like IBCs and drums with AdBlue.
  • Try not to store AdBlue in direct daylight.

Should I be worried if I added adblue into diesel by mistake in my car engine?

Don’t worry. Wrong Fuel Fixer can help. Our team of wrong fuel doctor are specially trained to drain adblue into diesel and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Whether you drive far with Adblue or not, we’ve got you covered. Our fuel emission solutions ensure that Adblue is discharged from vehicle engines and properly disposed of according to environmental agency requirements. Our wrong fuel doctor experts are not limited to all vehicle types. From trucks to vans to cars, call us today. Get a simulated fuel solution that saves you time and money.

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