Misfueling has become a major concern for people around the United Kingdom. Wrong Fuel Fixer is assisting in this regard and is present all around the UK, including Herts, to assist the drivers in draining the wrong fuel from their vehicles. Contact us through our phone number or email, and we will reach you in no time, wherever you are in Herts.

Effective Wrong Fuel Removal

When the incorrect fuel is introduced to a vehicle’s fuel system, it’s critical to remove all of the incorrect fuel types from the vehicle’s fuel tank and fuel system, including the fuel lines and fuel filter.


To ensure that there is no residual contaminated fuel in the system, a full system flush will be performed with the correct type of fuel. In many modern automobiles, putting the wrong fuel in the tank and then driving the vehicle might cause the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to malfunction.


If this occurs, we may rapidly check for any additional faults with the car’s fuel system and perform a system reset utilizing our specialized vehicle diagnostic equipment.

Excellent Service

Our highly professional engineers will explain exactly what they need to do to your vehicle and how much the job will cost before they start. They will never demand payment in advance and will always be nice and considerate.


We understand that filling up with the wrong fuel can be a stressful and upsetting experience, and we want to make sure that when our clients use the Fuel Medic service, they have peace of mind and that the process is as quick and painless as possible.


All of our engineers are continuously trained to deal with any type of vehicle that has been fueled with incorrect fuel, whether it’s an ancient classic, an exotic sports car, or a superbike.

AdBlue in Diesel Car

Inadvertently introducing AdBlue into a diesel fuel tank can result in serious consequences. As previously stated, most vehicles have the AdBlue and gasoline tank apertures close together, and the dispensing nozzles for diesel and AdBlue at many gas stations are generally the same color.


Errors are very likely to occur in these situations.


Adblue is extremely corrosive, and while it won’t harm a plastic fuel tank, it won’t be good for the metal components in your diesel vehicle’s fuel system or engine.


If you are facing this issue, contact us, and we will assist you.

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