There has been an increasing number of misfueling problems across the UK. It has become a common issue everywhere, impacting 150,000 drivers every year. Misfueling can cause disaster to your vehicle's engine and cost you time and money. The Wrong Fuel Fixer is here to save your engine from any disastrous situation.

Wrong Fuel Assistance

Putting the wrong fuel in the car can badly impact its performance. If you have accidentally put the wrong fuel in your car, just turn off the engine as soon as possible to prevent any kind of damage to your internal engine.


After this, you need to drain out that fuel from your fuel tank. For this purpose, you need assistance. The Wrong Fuel Fixer’s experienced team is here to assist you in this regard.


You should not panic after putting the wrong fuel in your car. Misfueling seems to be very common among fleet operators. If you have made the same mistake, then you might get into trouble. But you can be saved.


Do not turn on the engine and do not start the ignition because it can prime the fuel pump of your car.

The impacts of putting wrong fuel

Putting diesel in a petrol car can cause less damage as compared to petrol in a diesel car. Because petrol nozzles can easily fit in diesel necks, while diesel nozzles cannot. But if you are putting fuel in Jerry cans, then the situation might be different.


Diesel acts as a lubricant, while petrol can increase friction in a diesel engine. So, it can cause more damage if you put gasoline in a diesel car. So, you should not start your engine in this case because it can cause a lot of damage to the parts of your vehicle.


But if you try to start the engine, then it will not start your car, but fuel can travel in the fuel lines of the tank and cause permanent damage.

Rapid Response from Wrong Fuel Fixer

If you are facing a misfueling issue, do not start the engine, and if you have already done so, do not worry about it. Without turning on the engine, we can do our job more easily. If you have turned on the engine, the fuel drain job can be hard for us and time-consuming.


Move your vehicle to a safe location, and if there is no such location, then put on the hazard warning lights on your vehicle. First of all, calm yourself and call Wrong Fuel Fixer to reach your location and help you. Make sure you are providing us with enough information about the situation. So, if you are in an emergency situation, we can prioritize you.


Moreover, give us your exact location, so we can reach you in no time.

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