When you've just filled your car with the wrong fuel, you'll probably be nervous and distracted. The forecourt owner may have given you a contact card for the wrong fuel removal firm, or you may have looked one up on your phone and chosen whoever was at the top of Google that day. The Wrong Fuel Fixer is here to assist you in this regard.

How you can avoid Wrong Fuel?

Not all improper fuel removal companies operate in the same way, and some even put customers at risk, as with any company.


Removing the wrong fuel from a car or van is a specialized task that necessitates the use of specialized equipment.


Don’t be afraid to refuse service from a company that arrives in a shady-looking van and appears to be planning to drain the fuel from your car into enormous plastic containers with old, filthy equipment. Only clean, well-maintained equipment should be used to drain fuel from a vehicle.


That is why we are here to provide you with quality services.

Working of Wrong Fuel Removal System

Don’t be hesitant to inspect the equipment that will be used to drain the fuel from your vehicle before paying for it; after all, this firm will be charging you for the work that they will be performing on your most likely very valuable vehicle.


If you have any doubts about anything and the forecourt representative hasn’t arrived to inspect the equipment, we strongly advise you to decline their services.


When you call the Wrong Fuel Fixer, we’ll be pleased to explain how to use our equipment and show you how to follow our very rigorous safety code when removing improper fuel from your car.

Fuel Drain Service

It may appear to be a simple chore, but the complexity of modern car engines and gasoline tanks ensures that it is far from straightforward. It unquestionably works for seasoned professionals, not for eager amateurs looking to save a few pennies.


We attend many jobs throughout the year that require our engineers to correct tasks where the car owner attempted a DIY gasoline drain or the operation was not done properly by the industry’s “cowboy” element.


Putting gasoline in a diesel car by accident is stressful enough, and it never happens at a convenient time, so adding the added difficulty and expense of having to do the operation again adds to the stress.

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