Wrong fuel in the car? Here is what you can do:

Biodiesel is a good option. It might cause a problem when badly used. We are here to assist you with the correct fuel implications. It is a simple and efficient process.

First, you don’t need to stress out; take a deep breath and sit aside. Do not turn on the ignition because, after misfueling, turning it on can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Here are some steps that you should follow:

  • Switch off your car’s engine
  • Do not put your key in the ignition
  • If you are at a petrol station, inform the staff about it
  • If you are somewhere else, just call the wrong fuel fixer for assistance
  • Push your car to a safe place

These are some ways to save you from any kind of damage, as well as some initial steps to assist you.

Contact the wrong fuel fixer team to get assistance in case of misfueling.

Consequences of Misfuelling

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car, you might notice some changes in your car, like a knocking sound when you start accelerating, an excessive amount of smoke coming out of your vehicle exhaust, or the warning light of the engine starting to illuminate, and you might have trouble restarting the engine. You should not panic after putting the wrong fuel in your car. Misfueling seems to be very common among fleet operators. If you have made the same mistake, then you might get into trouble. But you can be saved.


Do not turn on the engine and do not start the ignition because it can prime the fuel pump of your car. At this instant, the contaminated fuel will spread throughout your vehicle’s engine, and the repair cost for your engine will grow.


We have a team of certified experts available 24/7 to help you regarding fuel fixing. Our experts always keep themselves up-to-date regarding new technologies and developments. Our trained and fully equipped fuel-fixing experts are available at any time to fix the wrong fuel problems in any vehicle, van, car, bus, or truck. Contact us now in case of an emergency.


Biodiesel is a good option, as it is produced domestically and is a renewable substitute for diesel. But it may cause problems if it is badly made. It can cause engine breakdowns. The impacts of badly made biodiesel might not be immediately noticeable in the engine of your vehicle, but with time, the corrosion, damage, and deposits can accumulate and lead to engine failure.


We are here to assist you with the correct biodiesel implications, which is a simple and efficient process.


If you have incorporated badly made biodiesel and your vehicle has gone through an engine breakdown, we are here to assist you. We are just a call away, and in no time we can make your vehicle run again with no issues.

Why Use Biodiesel?

Traditional diesel and biodiesel vehicles are usually the same. But light and heavy-duty diesel vehicles are all capable of working on biodiesel. If you use biodiesel in your vehicle as a fuel, it will increase the energy security of your vehicle and improve the quality of the air, among other safety benefits.


Due to rising fuel prices, the trend of red diesel and biodiesel is also increasing, but it is necessary to manage it with its implications.


The biggest problem with biodiesel occurs in diesel engines because biodiesel cannot work in these engines as it cannot ignite by compression. It is important to understand the compatibility of your engine before filling it with biodiesel. But if you are encountering a misfueling issue, then we are here to assist.

How to prevent putting the incorrect fuel?

Most drivers have faced the misfueling issue in their lives at some point. It has surprisingly become a common issue. There is a need to provide a complete guide to prevent drivers from putting in the incorrect fuel. Here are some ways that you can follow to prevent misfueling:

  • In case of diesel car, add a stopper to the filter neck.
  • Do not put fuel in your car when you are in hurry or stressed as you can make a mistake in these scenarios.
  • Add stickers as reminder inside the fuel cap of your car.
  • Make sure to read the pump’s trigger label and fuel grade indicator carefully.
  • If you have put the incorrect fuel, call wrong fuel fixer for assistance and guidance.

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